AviAll supports the EC's Women in Transport (WiT)

Success! A4G 2023 finished; bring on our next event in 2024!

  • 4 amazing role model speakers
  • 80+ young people
  • 20 nationalities amongst youngsters, from various European countries but also from as far as India, Iran, Morocco, and the USA
  • 30 companies, associations and organisation  supported as sponsors, as career fair participants or by expert participation
  • 30+ experts 
  • 80+ adults 
  • 6 AviAll Board Members, our AviAll Comms team, and a bunch of volunteers made it all happen

AviAll and T-C-Alliance in Partnership for Inclusion and Diversity in the aviation industry

AviAll - Aviation for All and T-C-Alliance are proud to announce their partnership to support greater Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the aviation industry. Both organisations have a shared belief that the acceptance of all aspects of diversity is crucial for creating a better and more inclusive environment for everybody to thrive and meet the future challenges in aviation.

AviAll signs Aligned Values Agreement with EPAN

AviAll – Aviation for All and EPAN - European Pride In Aviation Network have signed an Agreement of Aligned Values that stipulates two associations working closely together in the future by forming a strong partnership for inclusion and diversity in the aviation industry. Both organisations share the belief that the acceptance of all aspects of diversity, especially including sexual orientation and gender identity, throughout the aviation industry is a key factor for individual freedom and safety.

Promoting Generation "Z" at the AERO 2023 Friedrichshafen!

The discussion and panel about the perspective of Generation Z within aviation was organised and led by our own Cate Brancart (Aviation for All) at the AERO 2023. Cate gathered impressive panelists: Anne LABBE (from Elixir), Alain Leroy (from EASA), Valentina Calabrese Saitta (from ITA Airways), Daniel Rüdel (from EPAN) was very inspiring and motivating to continue the work AviAll is doing: to develop a more diverse and inclusive aviation industry where we all feel welcomed and safe to just be ourselves.

AviAll supports the EC's Women in Transport (WiT)

18 April 2023 the EU Commission Women in Transport (WiT) “Platform for Change”, held an online meeting with all its members and collaborators. Aviation for All was there, represented by Antonio Gonzalez-Gomez, discussing with the broad array of panelists about “Recruiting and Retainment” in the wider transport sector.

Our first video competition awards the three amazing young people!

Last December, AviAll launched its very first video competition in support of our first birthday celebrations. The contestants were asked to submit a video they created, in which they showcased their passion for aviation. The prizes included an aviation experience of their liking as well as two-day tickets to AERO 2023 in Friedrichshafen, the leading show for general aviation and an amazing gathering of aviation enthusiasts.

  • Many videos were submitted and the results came in last month. On 20 March, the International Day of Happiness, AviAll announced the three winners! 

Shout out to Zanthe, the latest addition to the AviAll family!

Zanthe Jordine is a 21 years old student at Middle Georgia State University finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science and Management. She is from the beautiful Island of Jamaica and moved to the United States in 2018. Since then she has been working her way into the aviation industry, with joy, resilience, and a smile on her face! 

New DEI Alliance with Ishka

Ishka is delighted to announce a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Alliance with @AviAll, an NGO devoted to bringing DEI to the aviation industry.

Ishka is committed to delivering an international portfolio of events which is environmentally sustainable, economically and socially responsible and to play our part to pave the way for diversity, equity and inclusion within aviation finance.

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