Promoting Generation "Z" at the AERO 2023 Friedrichshafen!

AviAll's Journey Towards Inclusivity Soars Higher!

AviAll's Journey Towards Inclusivity Soars Higher!

We are thrilled to have one of our AviAll members, Maureen Gautier, represent us at Destination Equal Skies 2024! Here's a glimpse into the transformative discussions that unfolded:

Inclusive Recruitment Unveiled: We delved deep into the intricacies of inclusive recruitment, discovering innovative strategies to foster diversity within our workforce.

Becoming Disability Confident Employers: We explored the roadmap to becoming disability confident employers, understanding the importance of creating an environment where every individual feels valued and empowered to thrive.

Empowering Employee Networks: We emphasized the significance of nurturing employee networks, fostering connections that promote inclusivity and support within each organization.

Future Flight for All: The audience engaged in an enlightening session by Russell Porter and Harvey Matthewson, shedding light on the profound benefits future flight holds for individuals with disabilities. A testament to the boundless opportunities for inclusivity within our industry.

Inspiring Keynotes: From the remarkable journey of @Charlotte Story, a former actress turned aviator, to the invaluable insights shared by Brian Wheeler, Deputy General Manager of Swanwick, NATS, we were inspired to push boundaries and embrace innovation on our path towards inclusivity.

Guided by Dr. Shani Dhanda: A heartfelt thank you to the incredible Dr. Shani Dhanda from BBC Asian Network, whose expertise and warmth guided us through an enriching day of learning and collaboration.

Thank you to the Equal Skies Charter team for the invitation, and Congrats on the great event! Let's continue to champion diversity and accessibility in every aspect of our work.

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