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Thriving in Innovation: A Recap of An Unforgettable Panel Discussion

Thriving in Innovation: A Recap of An Unforgettable Panel Discussion

We had an extraordinary convergence of minds at the AERO 2024 conference, bridging the generational and experiential divides within the aviation industry. AviAll was privileged to host a panel "Thriving in Innovation" that not only delved deep into the heart of aviation's future but also laid a solid foundation for a dialogue centred around diversity, equity, and inclusion innovation, and the nurturing of the next generation of aviation professionals.

Moderated by Cate Brancart from GAMA/AviAll, a fervent advocate for safety, sustainability, and inclusivity in aviation, the panel navigated through pressing issues facing the industry and untapped opportunities therein.

Panellists included Cyril CHAMPENOIS of Elixir Aircraft, who shared insightful views on how embracing rapid technological advancements is key to attracting future talent. Raquel Barrera of Rolls-Royce illuminated the path Rolls-Royce is charting towards cultivating a skilled and diverse future workforce. From a regulatory perspective, John Franklin MBE of EASA highlighted groundbreaking changes aimed at not only closing the skills gap but promoting a safer and more inclusive industry.

Representing the voice of the youth and future of aviation, Katalin Friederike Eleonora Sachse, a dedicated Mechanical Engineering student, shared her motivations and aspirations, underlining the importance of mentorship, networking, and inclusivity in nurturing young talent. Janis Mauch of EuroAvia presented an enlightening view on how training programs are evolving to meet industry demands and the critical role of DEI in shaping a more welcoming aviation sector.

Key takeaways from the discussion included:

1. The imperative need for the industry to continuously innovate and adapt.

2. A consensus on the significance of DEI initiatives in making aviation a more attractive field for emerging talents.

3. The pivotal role of industry-academia collaborations in equipping future professionals with relevant skills.

4. A strong emphasis on mentorship and professional development as engines driving success in the aviation sector.


Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all panellists and attendees who made this event a cornerstone for future dialogues in aviation. This discussion is just the beginning. Let us all be part of the change, driving the industry towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and innovative future.

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