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AviAll and T-C-Alliance in Partnership for Inclusion and Diversity in the aviation industry

AviAll and T-C-Alliance in Partnership for Inclusion and Diversity in the aviation industry

AviAll - Aviation for All and T-C-Alliance are proud to announce their partnership to support greater Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the aviation industry. Both organisations have a shared belief that the acceptance of all aspects of diversity is crucial for creating a better and more inclusive environment for everybody to thrive and meet the future challenges in aviation.

The partnership between AviAll and T-C-Alliance is a strong commitment from both organisations to work closely together and focus on supporting each other, thereby forming strong bonds for the betterment of the wider aviation industry. The collective and overarching aim is to raise awareness and unite organisations around the aviation industry to advance common goals for DEI.

AviAll and T-C-Alliance have agreed to promote and brand each other's causes through their respective social media outlets and share resources in an organised manner.

AviAll has agreed to offer its support to the T-C-Alliance by providing assistance and expertise in DEI. This includes providing DEI training, participating in an agreed number of DEI panels and events within the European aviation industry. In return, T-C-Alliance will support AviAll by providing a platform for delivering DEI training and ensuring its availability within the aviation network.

Nargis Zamaray, President of AviAll, said "We are excited to partner with T-C-Alliance to create a more inclusive and diverse aviation industry. This partnership will allow us to work together on common goals and promote our causes through social media and shared resources. We believe that by joining forces, we can create a better and more inclusive environment for everybody in aviation.".

Claudio D Marturano, CEO of T-C-Alliance, said "We are delighted to collaborate with AviAll and believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial for both organisations. We look forward to working together to support the aviation community".

AviAll and T-C-Alliance are committed to making a difference in the aviation industry. By partnering, they hope to inspire other organisations to join them in creating a more unified, inclusive, and diverse industry for all.

About the T-C-Alliance

The T-C-Alliance is a collaborative group comprising subject matter experts from training and consulting organisations. T-C-Alliance members work together to share knowledge and resources to provide a complete suite of services as a one-stop-shop for the aviation industry. The T-C-Alliance focuses on innovative solutions, strategic challenges and address leaders’ issues. To achieve this, the T-C-Alliance provides tailored made solutions for the industry, geared towards quality and effectiveness, while maintaining high levels of safety and wellbeing of staff.

For further information on the T-C-Alliance please visit or contact the Alliance on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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