Ishka and AviAll in talks with five industry leaders

Ishka and AviAll in talks with five industry leaders

Ishka and AviAll in talks with five industry leaders

AviAll and Ishka came together one more time to prepare and deliver an outstanding discussion titled: Cutting through the fog - aviation leaders demystifying diversity and inclusion. This session is a special complimentary Ishka Original that is open to all and available to view on our digital events Ishka+ platform.

We have asked five leaders to tell us why they care about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and to share practical, trialled and tested advice with leaders at all levels. On our panel we had Alex Bristol, the CEO of skyguide (Swiss air navigation service provider), Paul Sheridan the leader, from the Aviation Finance Advisory Service at PwC, Simon Goodson the CEO at AerFin, Antonio Gomez Gonzalez the Board Member of AviAll (non-profit DEI association), and Natalie Wilkins, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Thriving Talents (DEI consultancy). The panel was moderated by Branka Subotic from AviAll

We wanted to tackle the DEI topics during an open and honest discussion focused on practical advice and guidance from three aviation leaders (Simon, Paul and Alex) and two leaders at the forefront of making industry more diverse and inclusive for the next generation (Natalie and Antonio). We asked them to share their views on why DEI should be seen as a benefit to company culture rather than a threat.  We sought practical advice on how best to support DEI without alienating anyone. And they delivered!

We heard why they care, why they stand for DEI and why it is not just the right thing to do but simply the right business choice. In their own words, a more diverse business environment drives better decisions, better decisions drives better company performance and overall you get a better company, more attractive and fun to work for.

If you want to hear their fair share of practical advice and get inspired to be better and do more, have a look at our panel and get in touch. We are here to help!

The link to the panel recording is here: Ishka+ Originals | Cutting through the fog: Aviation leaders demystifying diversity and equality - Ishka+ (

Ishka and AviAll team!

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