Edith Ubbels Mesland

Edith Ubbels Mesland

As a former Pilot and Mechanic, Edith is now the treasurer of the AviAll - Aviation for All. 

After finishing the (former) Flight Engineer/Operations education at the HVA (Netherlands), she went to the USA to kick start her flying career. Once back in the Netherlands, she continued flying 'smaller' planes and worked as a Ramp Supervisor and Operations Flight Dispatcher. Then her dream came true: she became a pilot on the B737 and later on the B757.
A new career move made her an owner of a B&B / Glamping facility for eight years. Once she was back in the Netherlands, she realised that the percentage of women in the aviation business is almost still as low as it was 10 to 20 years ago. That was a reason enough to join the AviAll - Aviation for All to motivate/coach/help others to get into this amazing industry.


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