About Us

Aviation for All - is a non-profit European organization, a platform, with an aim to work on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) issues in the aviation sector.

Our Story

The initiative came from a group of 8 women who originally started working together through the European chapter of another international association – European Network Chapter. After 3 years of great collaboration, the group, supported by their members made the decision to evolve towards a new approach with the goal to encourage, empower, and educate all those with interests, lives, and work involve in aviation and aerospace without regard to race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, or point of view.

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In 2018, with opening of the first European Chapter, we started with a dream to make a mark in the world of Aviation. While the chapter continued to grow exponentially, as an organisation, we realised how broad Europe and its challenges are. We had to develop an entire strategy process to build a new association that meets both industry and our members’ needs. Moreover, as we have decided to expand our vision and boarders, we believe this is the right time to create a new brand that will allow us to better align the organisation’s name with its recognised mission and commitment to all aviation professionals and devotees. Therefore, today, in October 2021 we have rebraned our association as AviAll - Aviation4All.


What do we do?

AviAll - Aviation for All promotes and strengthens the contribution of our members in all aviation and aerospace career fields and interests by connecting, engaging and inspiring. We are providing educational outreach programs, mentoring programs, scholarship programs, annual Aviation for All recognition awards, Aviation for All-Conference and networking events.


Our members include Pilots, Maintenance Technicians, Air Traffic Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Business owners, Air Force personnel, Journalists, Flight attendants, Dispatchers, Security Agencies, Students, Aero medical officers, Airport managers and many others. 


Our Vision

Aviation and Aerospace industry that is celebrating, recognizing and encouraging diversity, equality & inclusion.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create the platform that empower, encourage, and educate all those whose interests, lives, and work involve aviation and aerospace regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, or point of view.


Our Strategy

Create a platform that is championing change in industry by connecting and engaging with the industry and academia, providing events, educational and mentoring programs and advocating for DEI goals.

Our Team


Nargis Zamaray


Operations Lecturer at University of Applied Sciences


Tamara Pejovic

General Secretary

Senior Operational Expert at Eurocontrol


Sannie Bombeeck

Vice President

Aviation Academy Manager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Cate Brancart

Outreach Chair

Manager for European Operations and Safety at the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)


Stacey Choi

Membership Chair

Europe Business Analyst


Mille van der Drift


Conferences and Events coordinator


Edith Ubbels Mesland


Aviation Expert/Manager


Kyara Metz


Young professional coordinator


Branka photo prof 2.jpg

Dr Branka Subotić

Branka has over 15 years’ experience in the aviation industry. She has worked for NATS for 12+ years starting as the Senior/Principle Human Factors Specialist at the Directorate of Safety working mostly on the implementation of the new enroute electronic system for air traffic control (iFACTS) into live operation at Swanwick Area Control (the UK’s largest air traffic control centre). Then moving into commercial/consultancy area as a Senior Consultant at NSL. Seconded out of NATS for three years, Branka was the Executive Director of the Borealis Alliance, an Alliance on nine Air Navigation Service Providers (responsible for controlling c. 39% of European air traffic), where she led the implementation of the Borealis Free Route Airspace (FRA) Programme connecting the FRA volumes of airspace of the Borealis Members.

 Following this secondment, Branka returned to Swanwick as the Head of Swanwick Integration and then Head of Centres integration, helping delivery of the One Operation programme and supporting integration and alignment of processes and ways of working between two NATS’s air traffic control centres (Swanwick and Prestwick). In November 2018 Branka joined the CIO team to lead the development and implementation of the enterprise-wide Data Strategy for NATS; working with a range of colleagues from across the business. This led to Branka becoming Director, Analytics, leading a team of (at the time) 80+ analysts including a Data Science team focused on implementation of advanced analytics and AI/ML. Branka’s analytics team is responsible for enhanced data-driven customer insights, tools, and services.  The team brings together our data analytics functions and services to deliver insight and data driven solutions to NATS operation, corporate functions, and our customers around the world.

From 1 November 2021 Branka joined the Ascent Data Consultancy team to work as a Principal Data Consultant on development and implementation of Data Strategy for different customers.
Branka holds a PhD in air traffic management from Imperial College London (UK), MSc in aeronautical science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (USA) and MEng in air transport engineering from University of Belgrade (Serbia). She is also a Chartered Engineer.
Branka is from Belgrade (Serbia) and has been living in few countries (Bosnia, France, USA, Germany, UK). She enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures and is always keen to talk about potential travel destinations. She is also keen practitioner of Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Edith Ubbels Mesland

As a former Pilot and Mechanic, I am now the treasurur of the WAI the Netherlands chapter.

After finishing the(former)Flight Engineer/Operations education on the HVA, I went to the USA for the start of my flying carreer. Back in the Netherlands I continued flying'smaller'planes and worked as a Ramp Supervisor and Operations Flight Dispatcher. Then my dream came true: I became a pilot on the B737 and later on the  B757.


A non chosen carreer move made me an owner of a B&B/Glamping for 8 years, and now being back in the Neterlands I realised that in the Aviation business the percentage of woman is almost still as low as it was 10 to 20 years ago. Reason enough for joining the WAI-the Netherlands Chapter to motivate/coach/help others to get into the Aviation Business.


Tamara Pejovic

Dr Tamara Pejović is an accomplished aviation professional, with over 20 years of experience in aviation field gained in industry, consultancy, regulation, and academia. She is a senior operational expert at EUROCONTROL, associate adjunct professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), and co-founder and a Board member of the AviAll – Aviation for All. Tamara has in depth knowledge of the aviation industry, European Air Traffic Management (ATM), performance, safety, and environment management. She has very good operational experience gained both at the airport and in the airline, and possesses excellent knowledge of international regulations and procedures in the aviation sector.

Tamara is currently in charge of leading and coordinating a wide range of internal and external stakeholders management activities related to the sustainability of operations (from environmental impact assessments, training, requirements for further development of environmental tools, etc.). Tamara holds a PhD from Imperial College London (UK), an MSc in Aeronautical Science from ERAU (US), and MEng in Air Traffic and Transport Engineering from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade (Serbia).

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